Code of Ethics

  • I will strive to be as responsible and responsive as possible in your readings and to help you as far as I am able. In accordance with this I will continually learn and acquire further wisdom regarding the Tarot.
  • I respect all ethnic and religious backgrounds, all sexual orientations, and do not discriminate, judge, or impose any views or opinions.
  • Although the Tarot may show you what you need to know, that may not coincide with what you want to hear! However, my readings will never leave you feeling disempowered or anxious. No card is simply negative and I will always present a positive way forward and show available choices. That said, I cannot be responsible for any decisions you may go on to make. 
  • I cannot provide readings for persons under the age of eighteen without explicit parental consent.
  • Readings are never a replacement for professional advice. This particularly applies to health, finance, and legal issues.
  • I reserve the right not to read for a client if I feel that it is in any way inappropriate or beyond my sphere of competence.
  • All readings are private and confidential and are not divulged without the explicit permission of the client (for example, a reading replicated for illustrative purposes, and even this will be presented anonymously).
  • Names of clients and all other shared information is strictly confidential unless the client is in danger of self-harm, harm to others, or there is any threat of criminality.
  • If a question is best rephrased in order not to breach another person's privacy I will suggest possibilities but will not proceed without consent regarding the precise phrasing of the question. 
  • The Tarot cards are usually very accurate but if a reading makes no sense to you, or you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, do please let me know!

Justice: the Robin Wood Tarot